Workshop Spotlight: Stiff Paper, Soft Slabs


To the typical art teacher, clay is a daunting endeavor but to the average student, its just a change to squish some mud! The possibilities with clay are endless, which is one of the reasons students love it so! Whether its a 2-D clay tile with a little relief work or a 3-D vessel, clay is an inspiring medium for students of all ages and all skill levels. Luckily Wendie Love's workshop is all about differentiation and choice through clay. 

This workshop will offer soft slab techniques that are valuable to all levels of students. Adding breadth and depth to any level of clay studio practice the tools and techniques demonstrated in this workshop will allow participants to explore differentiation in the context of clay. Using roofing paper templates to create soft slab forms; students will have the opportunity to explore, design, and construct a wide range of forms. The work may be sculptural, functional, or decorative. The skills will apply to the classroom and/or personal practice. Sam Chung and Bill Griffith are two artists who embrace these techniques. Their work will be used as a point of reference.

Participants should bring: a variety of clay tools, scissors, sketchbook and boxes for transport.

Wendie Love’s artwork is primarily influenced by the role of the form and function in art as it enables the building of community. She works to provide an environment and encouragement for young people to imagine and create. Valuing the creative process over the product, she strives to contagiously instill in her students a love research, planning, and the full embrace of the accidental. For her, clay more than other media, provides endless opportunities for technical research, historical appreciation, creative problem solving, and perpetual learning. Art is about process: establish/recognize a problem, imagine potential solutions, create a solution, evaluate and reflect on the quality of the solution, and repeat. In art and in life, she seeks to experience and share a passion for learning while building a creative community. She teaches at Farragut High School in Knoxville, TN.