TAEA Position Statement on Certified/Licensed Visual Arts Educators in Pre K through 12 School Settings

[Adopted November 2018]

The visual arts in Pre K through 12 school settings should be taught by certified/licensed and highly qualified visual arts educators. A certified/licensed and highly qualified arts educator should have pre service experience in the grade level and content area in which they are pursuing the profession. Certified/Licensed and highly qualified visual visual arts educators should:

• Have a thorough understanding of the visual arts including history, studio skills, art criticism, aesthetics, and the study of visual art and cultures.

• Have a knowledge of teaching methodologies and how to apply them to the visual arts classroom.

• Have an ongoing understanding of and ability to integrate current and emerging technology into their teaching.

• Understand students as learners, including diverse characteristics, abilities, and learning styles.

• Help students understand the ways in which the arts make meaning, connect with the entire curriculum, and prepare students for success in school, work, and life.

• Pursue ongoing professional development to support their continuous improvement in both teaching and the arts.