West TN Art Teacher Forum

By Melody Weintraub 

Recently a group of West Tennessee art teachers decided to create a professional development day geared for Middle and High School Art Teachers interested in increasing the skills and engagement of their students. Melanie Trout Anderson, Carrol Harding McTyre, and Leanne Wilson of Arlington High School and Jenna Fergus of Briarcrest approached TAEA President Kathy Dumlao with the idea and what transpired in late January was the West Tennessee Art Teacher Forum hosted by Arlington High School and planned and presented by these dynamic award-winning art teachers. I attended this fun and meaningful event along with several TAEA members from our region. I have already been applying what I learned in my classroom! 

I have already been applying what I learned in my classroom! 

After a welcome by Jenna Fergus, we rotated to Leanne Wilson’s classroom for a monoprint workshop. As we enjoyed art making with collograph-type printing, we also enjoyed sharing ideas with one another. Leanne’s use of recycled and repurposed materials gave us all many practical take-aways. 

Next, we moved to Melanie Anderson’s classroom for a workshop in painting still-life on gessoed posterboard. Melanie’s experience as a working artist and classroom teacher inspired us all. 

Carrol McTyre lead the next workshop, sharing her Sketchbook “Starters and Finishers.” Carrol also shared slides of how her students had applied these sketchbook prompts. We were then given time to “play” in our own sketchbooks applying some of her awesome suggestions. 

Jenna Fergus wrapped up our time together by sharing how she develops her students’ writing and critique skills through her CRIT method. She also shared how her AP student’s writing advanced as a result of learning to Describe, Analyze, Interpret and Judge not only famous works of art, but their own work as well. 

We all left the event recharged, refreshed and ready to see this event repeated!  

Youth Art Month Contest Announced!

We can all see the Winter Break Lights just around the corner…. We are almost there!


While you are dreaming of relaxing hot chocolate by the fireplace with your favorite Christmas music playing, TAEA is getting ready for Youth Art Month!

But wait, isn’t YAM in March? You’re right! But submission time is fast approaching!

This year’s YAM Flag Contest theme is “ Your Art, Your Story.” You’ll notice a new Youth Art Month Logo and a new entry form, all available on our website!

Mail entries to arrive no later than Jan.18,2019 to:

Ginger Slate
c/o CCHS
660 Stanley St
Crossville, TN 385555

Or email in .pdf format to slateg1@ccschools.k12tn.net

The winning student will win $1000 cash prize and the winning teacher will win $1500 in Art supplies from Sargent Art. Winners in each category (Elementary, Middle, and High School) will also win prizes, including $100 cash prize for the student and $300 in supplies from Sargent Art for the teacher.

We can’t wait to see your wonderful entries!


Fall Conference Wrap-Up


By Melody Weintraub

Our members always love to return to the mountains of Gatlinburg for our TAEA Fall Conference every third year. This year we met November 1-3, our theme was, “Celebrating Community Through Art.” Expectations are always high as we settle into the coziness of Arrowmont to learn, to make and to fellowship with one another. This year was no exception. Janis Nunnally and her Conference Planning Committee worked tirelessly to make this conference a meaningful experience for everyone! 

As we approached the grounds the leaves were ready to dazzle us with colors that made cadmiums blush and each day we were there, they continued to change and become even more brilliant.  

Some of us arrived early on Thursday for the Board Meeting which met in the Common Room at the Staff House. Following our Board Meeting we gathered in the dining hall for our 2019 TAEA Awards Dinner. Our guests at the Awards Dinner included not only our awardees, but also NAEA President-Elect Thomas Knab and SchoolArts Magazine Editor, Nancy Walkup. The tables were decorated with 25 luminaries called, “Clay Cottages of Hope.” These cottages were made by Melody Weintraub’s students at Briarcrest in Eads, TN and sold at the conference to raise money for the hurricane relief effort in North Carolina. The houses sold out at $20 each during the conference. Including a donation, we raised $540 for our fellow art teachers in North Carolina to rebuild their supplies! 

Those who received this year’s awards included the following: 

Rachel Motta  

2019 TAEA Elementary Art Educator of the Year 

Michelle Vinci  

2019 TAEA Middle Level Art Educator of the Year 

Andrea Howard  

2019 TAEA Secondary Art Educator of the Year 

Cathy Wilson  

2019 TAEA Higher Education Art Educator of the Year 

Christan Allen  

2019 TAEA Museum Art Educator of the Year 

Kelly Hatton 

2019 TAEA Administration Art Educator of the Year  

Beth Affolter  

2019 TAEA National Art Honor Society Sponsor of the Year 

Donna Anderson 

2019 TAEA Distinguished Service within the Profession Award  

Nancy Walkup  

2019 Friend of TAEA 

Phyllis Ball  

2019 TAEA East Region Art Educator of the Year 

Amanda Galbraith 

2019 Tennessee Art Educator of the Year 


Our conference began Friday morning with another recognition of our awardees at our general session meeting led by Janis Nunnally. Our first keynote was given by NAEA President-Elect, Thomas Knab shared a bit of his personal art journey and then used the acronym and metaphor of W.A.T.E.R. to remind us of the importance of our roles as Writer, Artist, Teacher, Enthusiast and Researcher. We left his keynote inspired as we headed for an expo of Super Sessions. Thanks to the organizing efforts of Carol Eckert, we had a plethora of sessions ranging from advocacy to classroom and curriculum management, community-based class projects to a crash course on the new standards and more! Then after a second round of super Super Sessions, we gathered in the dining hall for another delicious meal and lots of conversation! After lunch, we had Divisional Meetings. Then another round of Super Sessions before we headed to our amazing Hands-On Studio Workshops which included Printmaking with Bryan Baker, Oil Painting with Lisa Line, Woodwork with Heather Askwork and Clay Pottery with Rebecca Buglio. One Day Workshops included Grace Eckert who taught a Fibers Workshop, and Nancy Walkup shared a Lesson on Day of the Dead. Whew! Dinner followed our workshops and then we had a chance to change into our ‘80’s gear for a fun party planned by Dr. David Meade! The opening night party included over 5 Make-and-Take Demos to choose from, delicious munchies and our some of our incredibly talented artisan members set up shop with everything from beautiful jewelry to hand-woven scarves. 

Saturday morning began with a powerful keynote by Columbus Museum of Art’s, Cindy Foley, who encouraged us to become the center of creative thinking in our schools. Afterwards we had the opportunity to participate in an Artivism Keynote divided into three sessions. Following lunch we reconvened for our Member’s Meeting, led by our President Kathy Dumlao. The meeting ended with amazing door prizes gathered by our amazing Vendor’s Chair, Rozz Martin! 

The conference ended with our final session of studio workshops. We all left loaded down with swag from vendors, knew knowledge for best practices, new skills and an art bag of new memories having celebrated community through art!

Conference Agenda

Have you been wondering what the agenda is for the Conference? Well, here you go…

Thursday, November 1

3:00–6:00                    TAEA Board Meeting- Arrowmont in Staff House common room

4:30-6:30                     Early Registration and Check-in-Dining HALL

7:00–9:00 pm              Awards Dinner – Arrowmont Dining Hall (Separate ticket)


Friday, November 2

7:30 -8:20                    Breakfast in Dining Hall

7:30–8:30                    Registration in Main Building Lobby

Vendors open in Main Building- upstairs hallway

8:30–8:50                    Conference begins In Auditorium:    

Welcome-Janis Nunnally, TAEA Past President/Conference Chair

Nick DeFord, Program Director for Arrowmont-Welcome greeting

8:50-9:00                    Melody Weintraub, TAEA President-Elect/Awards Chair-Introduce award winners

9:00-10:00                 Thomas Knab, NAEA President-Elect/ Key Note Speech

10:00 -10:10                Break/Vendors

10:10–11:00                 Super Session  #1 see program for details

11:10-12:00                  Super Session #2 see program for details

12:00 –12:45                Lunch at Dining Hall

12:45-1:20                    Division meetings:

Elementary educators/Alexis Hamnett-Auditorium

Middle Level educators/Beth Perthel -Fibers Room/2ndfloor Main Building

Secondary Level/Andrea Howard- Lounge 1stfloor Main building

Higher Ed/Student Chapter, Dr.Joy Bertling Textile Room, 2ndfloor Main building

Administration/Heather Casteel-Library 2ndstory Main building

Museum/Christan Allen-Glass Room 2ndstory Main building

1:25-2:15                     Super Session #3 see programs for details

2:15-2:30                     Break/Vendors

2:30–5:30                   Hands-on workshops- see program for details

5:30-6:30                   Dinner at Dining Hall

6:45-8:30                   Reception- 80's Night Theme

Wear your Righteously Rad 80's outfit (prize for the Most Tubular).Hands on art activities-amundo. Grindage of wine and snacks! Totally Awesome Vendors, will be open.

Don't have a cow, if you have stuff to sell.  Bring your totally gnarly wears and sell at the Artisian Market.(free to set up...just let us know if you would like a table).


Saturday, November 3

7:30 -8:20                    Breakfast in Dining Hall

8:00-8:20                    Registration-Lobby of Main Building

8:00-8:20                    Vendors open-Main building upstairs hallway   

8:30-9:50                    Janis Nunnally, Past President/Conference Chair

Keynote speech: Cindy Foley, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH                                                           

10-12:00                      Artivism Keynote Sessions 1-3, Auditorium, check your sticker on your badge for group 

12:00-12:45                  Lunch in dining hall

12:50-1:30                    Artivism Keynote Session 4      

1:35-2:20                      Member Meeting-Kathy Dumlao, TAEA President

Evaluations/Door Prizes-Rozz Martin, Vendor chair, Janis Nunnally, Past President/ conference chair

2:30–5:30                    Hands-on workshops

5:30-6:00                   Clean up

Brushing Up!

On May 30 art educators from all over Tennessee came the Frist Art Museum to "Brush Up" on their painting skills and hear the inspirational Melody Weintraub-- they attended the 2018 Mid-State Summer TAEA Professional Development Conference!

A thank you and shout-out goes to my committee who helped so much: Beth Perthel and Jennifer Baltimore. 

Anne Henderson, director of education at the Frist, and her staff were most welcoming hosts. 

Painting was the focus with 3 choices for the day-long sessions: 

Enjoying Watercolor led by artist Dean Shelton. Dean, a member of the Tennessee Watercolor Society, shared with participants what makes his painting style such a success. So many strategies and tips were shared. Margaret Brown, an intuitive abstract painter, led a session helping participants "Go With Their Gut" and shared ideas on how to get students "unstuck." It was truly amazing to realize methods on how to accomplish successful paintings with several media and in turn be able to teach students as well!

Finally, artist/teacher Beth Affolter presented her realism techniques using texture with conference-goers while showing her process with gesso and using acrylics. She also demonstrated how she accomplishes many of her works with water-based oil paints as well. 

To begin the day, artist/teacher, Melody Weintraub, delivered a keynote sharing how important it is to connect with our students and that until we do this, learning really isn't occurring in the classroom. She showed us in many ways how we have to demonstrate we care for them. At one point, we were all encouraged to take a little ceramic heart from a basket and write down a student's name on the back-a student that kept coming to mind for us-as she spoke about challenging situations she encountered over her years of teaching. We all could relate to her stories! We were to place this heart somewhere to remind us. Melody began her talk with almost a disclaimer saying "Michelle introduced me as if I'm Oprah...", well, Melody, you made us laugh, tear up, you challenged us and you encouraged us...

Oprah's got nothing on you. 

TAEA Joins New Tennessee Arts Coalition ArtsEd TN

ArtsEd TN

TAEA has entered into a coalition with other Tennessee arts organizations to help keep an eye on our Tennessee legislature and their bills that effect arts education in the K-12 classroom.  This newly founded organization is called ArtsEd TN.  While TAEA President, I was at the first meeting on this new group and now I am on the Legislature Committee for ArtsEd TN.  I will be keeping TAEA members and all arts educators in the loop of all findings of this group. Right now the focus is K-12 arts classrooms, in the future we may add to this overview.

Your TAEA board debated this decision to join this coalition. Through our investigation we have decided it is important for us to participate with this group.  All the arts groups are represented and we want to be there with them. The CMA, music vendors, and other stakeholders are getting involved to help fund the firm we use to get us the reports.  As visual art educators, we are looking for our visual art vendors to help us with this worthy cause. 

Stephen Coleman, from the Tennessee Arts Academy Foundation, is the Chair of this coalition.  He comes from a music educator background, but is dedicated to supporting all arts education in Tennessee.  With his leadership, we have all the arts organizations pulling together for the good of the students in Tennessee.

With the new ESSA law, music and arts education are part of the well-rounded education and some Title money can be used to support arts education.  Hopefully, Tennessee legislators will see this as the foundation for new legislation in the future. Ensuring arts education for all Tennessee students. We are encouraged by banding together with our arts brothers and sisters to keep an eye on the Tennessee legislature’s activities that will effect arts education in our classrooms.

By participating in this coalition, TAEA receives regular reports on the activities in the legislature during their session.  I will put those updates on the TAEA website to let you see how your elected officials are supporting legislation that supports Arts Education. Please let me know at nunnallyj@pcsstn.com if you have any questions about ArtsEd TN or Tennessee arts education issues.




Janis Stivers Nunnally

TAEA Past President/State Conference Chair

ArtsEd TN Legislature Committee


How to Nominate

This year our nomination process is a little different but hopefully easier! We created a google form to fill out the original paper nomination form. Make sure you have all of the information you'll need for nominating, because there isn't a way to save your work and come back to it later! I suggest keeping the google form open until you're completely ready to submit! 


  • Legal name 
  • Address (city, state, zip) and cell number
  • Email
  • Membership division (elementary, middle, secondary, higher ed, etc.) 
  • NAEA/TAEA ID # *** All of our awards are for members only, except the Friend of TAEA.
  • Current Employer 
  • Position 
  • If retired, date of retirement
  • Work Address and phone number 
  • List of degrees held, institutions, and other education *
  • List of NAEA activities, leadership roles, and positions held at the national level*
  • List of NAEA activities, leadership roles, and positions held at the regional level*
  • List of state and local art education positions* 
  • List of leadership roles in other professional organizations*
  • List of teaching and/or related experiences* 

*The nominee can list this information out for you or you can get the information from their resume/vita 



  1. Tell your colleague you'd like to nominate them! Nominating someone does not have to be a surprise. In fact, you'll need their help to gather some of the information for the online nomination form as well as their resume/vita and a high-quality photo of them. Be sure to ask if they are a member of TAEA! Most of our awards are available only to TAEA members! 
  2. Write a letter of nomination stating why you feel this educator deserves to be recognized by TAEA. 
  3. Ask your nominee to send you an updated resume, a high-quality photo, a short bio, and some basic contact information for the online form. 
  4. Go online to https://goo.gl/forms/rbgZ0xKabI4i9CWl1
  5. Fill out the google form for the nomination. 
  6. At the end of the google form, you will be prompted to follow a link, where you can upload your nomination letter, your nominee's resume/vita, and the high quality photo. 
  7. Put your feet up and feel the glow that comes with nominating a deserving teacher for an award!

Deadline Extension for the TAEA "Connections" Exhibition

The deadline for the TAEA "Connections" Exhibition has been extended to April 20, 2018.

The TAEA "Connections" Exhibition is a members only art show that celebrates the talented art educators among TAEA members and their connection to our most talented students. "Connections" is held each summer at Belmont's Leu Visual Arts Building, where the teacher's artwork hangs along side the best student artwork from each of our Regional Student Art Exhibitions.

The Eighth Annual TAEA Member Art Exhibition is a juried show open to all current 2017-2018 TAEA members.  No more than two (2) entries per member may be entered and must be in the form of high-resolution JPGs (minimum 300 dpi). Please crop to show artwork only (crop out mat, etc.).  Please label each image with the full name of the artist, title, medium and size of the piece. For example: John Smith-“Sunrise”-painting-30x40. E-mail images to: jdodsonart@aol.com and also to jdodson@ortn.edu  (Please include phone number and mailing address with email submission!).  All entries must be received by April 20, 2018.

The “First Place” winner will receive an award of $200 and the artwork will be published in the TAEA Newsletter.  Additional cash awards for first, second, and third place in the exhibition will be awarded. Questions, please call Jim Dodson at 865-256-2580 or e-mail jdodson@ortn.edu