East Region Spring Conference

Saturday April 13th, 9am-5pm

Registration Deadline : April 6, 2019



WHEN: Saturday, April 13th, 9am-5pm

WHERE:  The University of Tennessee Art and Architecture Building 

1715 Volunteer Boulevard, Knoxville, Tennessee 


COST: $50 Non-Members, $45 Members, $35 Higher Education Students

FOOD: A light breakfast is available. There will be an hour lunch break. Lunch will be provided.

DETAILS: All classes are limited.

Please arrive by 8:45am. Classes start promptly at 9am. 

Parking is available behind the Art and Architecture Building. 



Figure Drawing: AA441 taught by
Mary Laube, Assistant Professor of Art,

This course takes a comprehensive approach to figure drawing. Weaving together both traditional and experimental approaches to representation, students will work from the nude model, source images, and mirrors. The workshop will include topics pertaining to naturalistic drawing such as sighting, measuring, hand-eye coordination, and value studies. We will then work to expand these methods of representation to include issues of abstraction, collaboration, and contemporary practices.  

Bring an assortment of graphite pencils, grey kneaded eraser, white eraser, charcoal – vine and compressed, 1 white charcoal pencil, spray fixative, chamois Cloth, ruler, and small pocket mirror. (Limit 15 students)

Basic Metalworking for Sculpture: AA Sculpture Studio taught by
Erin Tucker, 3D Area Technician,  

This course is a hands-on introduction to basic metalworking techniques including cutting, shaping and welding steel. During the workshop students will be provided with steel rods and metal scraps, as well as a variety of mixed materials to create an experimental 3-d composition.

Students must come dressed in non-flammable cotton shop clothing (denim jeans, cotton t-shirt, leather, closed-toe shoes or boots) Safety equipment and tools will be provided. (Limit 10 students)

Slab Vessels: AA127 taught by 
Frank Martin, Associate Professor of Art, 

This workshop class will focus on Soft Clay Slab construction techniques for making pottery in the studio and classroom. This class will survey a number of techniques using canvas, paper templates, and rolling pins to make slab constructed pottery vessels. The class will work without the need for a potter’s wheel or the use of cardboard tubes and newspaper armatures. During this workshop, students will design individual templates to be used to form a vase, a bowl and lidded containers.  The resulting projects from this workshop will still be wet by the end of the class and will require each student to carefully pack the workshop project for transport to the student’s home, or their school to be bisque and glaze fired. This class will be using a Cone 10 Stoneware clay body that is versatile in temperature, but can also fire at low Stoneware and Earthenware temperatures.   Students should come dressed in comfortable studio attire and expect to get a little clay on their clothing. Bring 1 Basic Pottery Kit that Includes: Synthetic Foam Sponge, Wood Rib, Needle Tool, Loop Tool, Ribbon Tool, Wood Tool, Flexible Steel Rib & Wire Clay Cutter.  Basic Pottery Kits can be purchased at the following Knoxville locations: UT Art & Architecture Supply Store, Jerry’s Artarama and Mighty Mud.  Also bring packing Material: Cardboard or Plastic Tote to transport the wet unfired project to their home studio or school to be fired. (Limit 12 Students)

Optional Supplies:

  1. Serrated Flexible Metal Rib (Stainless Steel)

  2. Fettling Knife (Hard Blade) 

  3. Work Apron (Vinyl or Cotton)

  4. Small Hand Towel – (Inexpensive or Used)

Monotype: AA241 (Printshop) taught by
Koichi Yamamoto, Associate Professor of Art,

This course is hands-on introduction to the fundamental use of print studio through monotype with an intaglio press. We will be using a Lexan plastic plate with oil based ink to experiment with transparency, color intensity and color value. Many layers of printed ink would create luminosity within compositions. We will be focusing on various techniques (utilizing both additive and subtractive techniques), stenciling, image transfer processes etc. Participants will be encouraged to experiment, play, explore and layer various techniques to create a portfolio of one-of-a-kind prints. Please bring an Xacto knife, brushes, apron, and latex gloves. (Limit 12 students)


Polyester Plate Lithography: AA241 (Printshop) taught by
Beauvais Lyons,

This course introduces polyester plate lithography.  Like traditional lithography from a stone or aluminum plate, polyester plate lithography is based on the principles of the antipathy of oil-based ink and water to print an image from a planographic surface. With this project, students will use a black sharpie marker to draw their image in two colors, on two separate plates, and then learn how to print the images on 11 x 15 inch cotton rag papers.  Students should prepare a preliminary line drawing or collage (in reverse) scaled to 8.5 x 11 inches (horizontal or vertical).  Bring preliminary drawing to scale, apron, and latex gloves. (Limit 12 students) 


Browse the workshop details and descriptions by clicking on the images below. All registrants MUST select ONE workshop for the day.

During registration, you will also choose your lunch options. You will be asked to choose your bread and meat options. There is also a gluten free option.  

Questions? Send an email to Angela McCarter at angela.mccarter@knoxschools.org


Figure Drawing
from 35.00

Instructor: Mary Laube, Assistant Professor of Art

Room AA441

Limit 15 students

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Slab Vessels
from 35.00

Instructor: Frank Martin, Associate Professor of Art

Room: AA127

Limit 12 students

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Basic Metalworking for Sculpture
from 35.00

Instructor: Erin Tucker, 3D Area Technician

Room: AA Sculpture Studio

Limit 10 students

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from 35.00

Instructor: Koichi Yamamoto, Associate Professor of Art

Room: AA241

Limit 12 students

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Polyester Plate Lithography
from 35.00

Instructor: Beauvais Lyons

Room: AA241

Limit 12 Students

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