Fall Conference Schedule

Curious about the Conference Schedule? We are still finalizing some of the details but we are excited to share all of the fun and excitement.

Be sure to join us for the Awards Banquet on Thursday night to honor the 2018 TAEA Awardees. 

The Conference begins bright and early Friday morning with pastries, fruit, and coffee/tea breakfast, followed by our opening presentation by TAEA Past-President and Conference guru, Donna Anderson. The Membership Meeting, presented by Janis Nunnally will take us right up to the first round of Super Sessions. 

What are Super Sessions, you ask? Super Sessions mini-presentations or workshops about any number of topics. You'll get your choice of which sessions to attend so you'll be sure to find a topic that's right up your alley. 

Following a lunch meeting with your division leaders (Elementary, Middle, Secondary, Higher Ed, or Museum), you'll be in the studios doing what we all love best, making ART! For 4 hours! 

After studio clean-up, we will hear from our keynote speaker, Dr. Olivia Gude and party hard at the reception following! 

Don't go to crazy at the party on Friday because its another early start on Saturday! After breakfast, Dr. Olivia Gude will speak to us again (yay!), followed by a special presentation about Creating an Arts Education Future. Then, its what you've been waiting for! DOOR PRIZES! You'll have to turn in an evaluation sheet before you can win. 

After lunch, you've got 4 more hours of workshops and art making! 

It's going to be fantastic! Won't you join us?