2018 Tennessee Art Education Association Award Winners

2018 TAEA Award Winners

Tennessee Art Educator of the Year

Tina Atkinson

East Region Art Educator of the Year

Mary Katherine Chin

Middle Region Art Educator of the Year

Ted Edinger

West Region Art Educator of the Year

Amanda Tutor

Elementary Art Educator of the Year

Rebekah Laurenzi

Middle Level Art Educator of the Year

Beth Perthel

Secondary Art Educator of the Year

Carol Vinson

Administration/Supervision Art Educator of the Year

Heather Casteel

Higher Education Art Educator of the Year

Joy Bertling

Museum Art Educator of the Year

Brooke Griffith

Retired Art Educator of the Year

Flowerree McDonough

First Year Art Educator of the Year

Ericka Ryba

Pre-Service Art Educator of the Year

Gracie Knestrick

Higher Education Student Achievement Award

Heather Eades

Distinguished Service within the Profession Award

Brad Foust

National Art Honor Society Sponsor of the Year

Cindy Bennett

Friend of TAEA

Richard Ranta

Watkins College of Art, Design, and Film

Tennessee Art Education Annual Awards

Each year, the Tennessee Art Education Association has the great pleasure of recognizing outstanding art educators from across the state, in a variety of categories.  These amazing teachers exemplify the qualities and standards of what it means to be a great art educator, going above-and-beyond for their students.


TAEA presents these annual awards:

·        To provide recognition to individuals within the membership who have achieved the highest level of professionalism in art education

·        To focus professional attention on exemplary art educators and increase public awareness of the importance of quality art education


Nomination process:

All nominees must be a member of NAEA/TAEA

Submission deadline: July 10, 2017

Review award categories 

Download the TAEA Nomination Form 


To nominate a great art educator for an award, please submit:

1)    A nomination letter, explaining why this person is a good candidate for an award. 

Please keep in mind that this letter and the accompanying nomination form are what we use to write a description of the award winners for the program booklet.  Please be sure to include as much detail as possible so that the write-up can properly reflect your nominee’s accomplishments.

2)    The TAEA Nomination Form and Vita for the nominee.

The nomination form is where you list all the amazing things that your nominee has accomplished. You can ask your nominee to send you their resume to complete this form, or you can ask them to fill out this part on their own.

3)    A digital photo of the nominee

A high-resolution jpeg is preferred.


Submit to the 2017 TAEA Awards Chair, Kathy Dumlao at kathy.dumlao@brooksmuseum.org