Welcome New Board Members!

The board of the Tennessee Art Education Association had our first board meeting of the year on Saturday, January 20.  We would like to welcome our recently elected and appointed board members:

Melody Weintraub, President-elect

David Meade, Secretary

East TN Regional Chair, Phyllis Ball

Middle TN Regional Chair, Michelle Vinci

West TN Regional Chair, Molly Brown

Middle Division Chair, Elizabeth Perthel

Museum Division Chair, Christan Allen

Pre-Service Chair, Gabrielle Buck

Pre-Service Chair, Becca Toungette

From Right to Left: Melody Weintraub, David Meade, Phyllis Ball, Michelle Vinci, Molly Brown, Elizabeth Perthel, Christan Allen, Gabrielle Buck, Becca Toungette. 


If you'd like to learn more about our board and what we do, check our About page on the website. 

We always have a need for driven and passionate educators on our board! if you're interested in joining our board or just learning a little bit more about us, please contact our president, Kathy Dumlao at kathy.dumlao@brooksmuseum.org.