Workshop Spotlight: 3-D Printing


If you haven't been hearing about the big pushes towards STEM education, you've been under a rock. Many school districts are advocating for STEM-based learning in the classrooms. Oftentimes, this leaves art teachers on our own. 

We all know how important the arts are in a child's education and how applicable our subject is to science and engineering. But maybe you're looking for a stellar project that will really show your administrators that Art is an important STEM subject. Look no further that our 3-D Printing workshop with Cat Normoyle.

This workshop will supply all the details involved in bringing 3D printing into your classroom. Cut through the confusion. How exciting, to make a 3D object from a digital design. Learn the basics so that you can prepare your students for this experience. Participants will print 3D items for take home. All materials will be supplied.

Cat Normoyle is a designer, artist and educator who recently moved from Atlanta to teach design at Memphis College of Art. The assistant professor in Design Arts, teaches a range of classes from advertising, packaging, typography, print design and drawing. She has a BS in Industrial Design from Georgia Institute of Technology and received her MFA in Graphic Design from Georgia State University.

When she’s not in the classroom, you can find her in the studio working on unique ways to fuse graphic design in public urban spaces. She enjoys working in places (both outdoor and indoor) with regard to social positive impact. Some of her most recent work deals with adding meaning in abandoned, neglected, or forgotten spaces. You can see examples at Cat presented at the Cumulus Art and Design Conference in Hong Kong in November 2016.