Workshop Spotlight: Painting with Oil Sticks


Ask anyone about their experience with Paul deMarrais' workshop and you'll hear glowing reviews! His oil sticks are the best quality and his instruction is stellar. Participants always leave with some amazing works of art. 

This workshop will get you started in a brand new kind of painting experience. Five years ago, Paul began learning how to make oil sticks and created his own user-friendly brand. Oil sticks are oil paint in a stick form made of walnut oil, natural waxes and dry pigments. It's a great way to paint. You won't need smelly solvents and the mountain of gear associated with traditional brush painting. Paul will show you how to do both a traditional painting and also techniques that lend themselves to more experimental approaches. In the classroom, Paul believes oil sticks are an excellent way to introduce students to color theory, color mixing and many other key concepts of painting. We all share a common 'crayon' experience from our childhood and these sticks are the ultimate crayon experience but with rich color, creamy handling and the exciting possibilities of oil painting. He will demonstrate and show how to create textures and effects with an inexpensive embossing heat gun. Paul will supply each artist teacher with a starter kit of oil stick colors and with ample supply of boards on hand. Come join me and you will be amazed at what you can create with these oil sticks! You’ll find more information at