Top 5 Things That Cost More Than a TAEA Membership

Did you know that your TAEA membership is equal to less than $7 a month? Still think that's too expensive? Just consider these 5 things that cost more per month than a TAEA membership:

Top 5 List of Things that cost more than $7/a month:

#5: Two grande "fancy" Starbucks drinks - A grande White Chocolate Mocha costs $4.45 each.



#4 Two Boxes of Hello Kitty Band-Aids (20 count) - $5.52 each according to Amazon. 



#3 One Movie Ticket to a matinee - as of 2015, the average movie ticket price in the U.S. was $8.70. 



#2 Two Big Mac Meals - A Big Mac Meal costs $5.99 and includes fries and soft drink.  





#1: Your Netflix subscription - $9.99/a month for a standard subscription. 



OR you could purchase a membership in both the National and Tennessee Art Education Association with ALL the benefits for both (see “join” page for a partial list of them). So, become a member today for the low, low price of $80 for a year (less than $7 a month).The price is even lower if you are a student at $40/year (less than $3.34 a month) or a First Year Teacher only costs $70 ($5.20 a month)

Click on the TAEA’s website “Join” link to renew or become a first time member.  One of the best deals is waiting for you!