Youth Art Month = March Madness

You might have heard about YAM or Youth Art Month, but maybe never really knew what it was or what it does. Maybe you thought it was just a Flag Competition? It's definitely more than that... The month might be over but that doesn't mean advocating for the Arts stops.

A Brief History of Youth Art Month

YAM, or Youth Art Month, is a yearly celebration during the month of March that promotes Art and Art Education in schools across the nation. 

Youth Art Month was founded by the Crayon, Water Color & Craft Institute, Inc., the predecessor of the Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI), in cooperation with the National Art Education Association, in 1961 and was initially called Children's Art Month. Its goal was to "emphasize the value of participating in art for all children." It was renamed Youth Art Month in 1969, to include secondary school students. 

While YAM does include a Flag Competition, with prizes and awards, it is also a month to celebrate and promote the Arts in our schools.

How are you an advocate for the Arts?

From small, little things at your own school, to HUGE nationwide Art events, you are your own best advocate. Maybe its just a small school Art show but each little step forces others to remember why the Arts are so important to our children's education. 

The Arts have been recognized as important to education, with lawmakers saying that the Arts help boost math scores or provided an exploratory basis for STEM and PBL subjects. But why can't the Arts just be important by themselves?