New Website, New Beginnings

Welcome to the new Tennessee Art Education Association website!

As you may have noticed our site has recently undergone major, yet necessary beneficial changes:

As an organization that seeks to promote and advance visual arts education, we are constantly pioneering ways to provide information and opportunities that bring our community together through advocacy, leadership, and professional development--and we hope this online platform only amplifies this mission.

Our desire for this blog is to create a space where we feature teachers, professionals, opportunities, happenings, and everything arts education to help YOU further your career, capitalize on skills, and help our community advocate for the arts.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the website, or even have a topic you'd like us to delve into, please don't hesitate to reach out via the contact tab--we would love to hear from you!



The Technology Committee


Brooke Griffith

Museum Chair


Jody Stokes-Casey


Mary Katherine Chin

Communication and Publications Chair


Heather Casteel

Administration Chair