2018 Keynote Speakers 

Cindy Meyers Foley


Cindy Meyers Foley is the Executive Deputy Director for Learning and Experience at the Columbus Museum of Art. She envisioned and led the charge to open the 18,000 sq. ft. Center for Creativity in 2011.  In 2013, the museum received the National Medal for Museums in recognition of this work. Foley co-authored a chapter for The Manuel for Museum Learning, 2015 as well as guest edited and wrote chapters for Intentionality and the Twenty-First-Century Museum, for the 2014 Journal of Museum Education. Foley is on the faculty of the Harvard Project Zero Classroom Summer Institute and regularly keynotes a variety of Museum, Library and Art Education Conferences.  In November 2014, she was a TEDX Columbus Speaker presenting Teaching Art or Teaching to Think like an Artist and in 2016, she was asked to again take the TEDX Stage to present The Benefits of Boredom. This November, Foley will receive the 2018 Ohio Distinguished Educator for Art Education award.

Cindy Meyers Foley's topic for this year's keynote speech is Agent for Change: Communicating Arts Critical Value - Leading a Revolution for Creativity.

Art Education must move from defending its importance to leading for systemic change around creativity. Explore discoveries from an educator whose TEDTALK helped to reposition art education and kick-start community conversations.

Can an art educator be a change agent for re-imagining learning in the 21st Century? YES. We must. In the past, Art Education advocacy has been about defending our place in education, having stats and impact statements that prove that Art Education makes learning enjoyable, or that it has the ability to impact learning in other disciplines. We kept these stats and stories ready just-in-case our programs were threatened. This presentation will highlight that the advocacy message must move away from the defensive towards an impassioned and powerful offensive message around creativity. She will make a case that our future depends on developing learners that think like artists -learners who are creative, curious, that seek questions, develop ideas, and play. The concept of creativity is challenging for many. Antiquated and unhealthy clichés still dominate. Even those of us who foster creativity and know when it is happening in our classrooms still struggle to define, articulate the specific skills and make the process visible to key stakeholders as well as our students. This presentation will help us with that research, language, and case making as well as unravel the key behaviors and dispositions our students will need for future success.  


Thom Knab 


Thom Knab has taught art at Dodge Elementary School, outside of Buffalo, NY, for 29 years. He is the NAEA President Elect, Chair of the Professional Materials Committee, and a past Elementary Division Director. He has served as the New York State Art Teachers Association (NYSATA) President and Vice President. Thom has written for School Arts Magazine, NYSATA News, NAEA Monthly Mentor and the NYSATA Artful Advocate Blog. He is also an exhibiting artist and had two solo shows in 2017. He was honored as both the NAEA Eastern Region Elementary Art Educator as well as the NAEA National Elementary Art Educator in 2018. This month Thom will also be honored as the New York State Art Educator of the Year for 2018.




Conference Agenda

Thursday, November 1

3:00–6:00                    TAEA Board Meeting- Arrowmont in Staff House common room

4:30-6:30                     Early Registration and Check-in-Dining HALL

7:00–9:00 pm              Awards Dinner – Arrowmont Dining Hall (Separate ticket)


Friday, November 2

7:30 -8:20                    Breakfast in Dining Hall

7:30–8:30                    Registration in Main Building Lobby

Vendors open in Main Building- upstairs hallway

8:30–8:50                    Conference begins In Auditorium:    

Welcome-Janis Nunnally, TAEA Past President/Conference Chair

Nick DeFord, Program Director for Arrowmont-Welcome greeting

8:50-9:00                    Melody Weintraub, TAEA President-Elect/Awards Chair-Introduce award winners

9:00-10:00                 Thomas Knab, NAEA President-Elect/ Key Note Speech

10:00 -10:10                Break/Vendors

10:10–11:00                 Super Session  #1 see program for details

11:10-12:00                  Super Session #2 see program for details

12:00 –12:45                Lunch at Dining Hall

12:45-1:20                    Division meetings:

Elementary educators/Alexis Hamnett-Auditorium

Middle Level educators/Beth Perthel -Fibers Room/2ndfloor Main Building

Secondary Level/Andrea Howard- Lounge 1stfloor Main building

Higher Ed/Student Chapter, Dr.Joy Bertling Textile Room, 2ndfloor Main building

Administration/Heather Casteel-Library 2ndstory Main building

Museum/Christan Allen-Glass Room 2ndstory Main building

1:25-2:15                     Super Session #3 see programs for details

2:15-2:30                     Break/Vendors

2:30–5:30                   Hands-on workshops- see program for details

5:30-6:30                   Dinner at Dining Hall

6:45-8:30                   Reception- 80's Night Theme

Wear your Righteously Rad 80's outfit (prize for the Most Tubular).Hands on art activities-amundo. Grindage of wine and snacks! Totally Awesome Vendors, will be open.

Don't have a cow, if you have stuff to sell.  Bring your totally gnarly wears and sell at the Artisian Market.(free to set up...just let us know if you would like a table).


Saturday, November 3

7:30 -8:20                    Breakfast in Dining Hall

8:00-8:20                    Registration-Lobby of Main Building

8:00-8:20                    Vendors open-Main building upstairs hallway   

8:30-9:50                    Janis Nunnally, Past President/Conference Chair

Keynote speech: Cindy Foley, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH                                                           

10-12:00                      Artivism Keynote Sessions 1-3, Auditorium, check your sticker on your badge for group 

12:00-12:45                  Lunch in dining hall

12:50-1:30                    Artivism Keynote Session 4      

1:35-2:20                      Member Meeting-Kathy Dumlao, TAEA President

Evaluations/Door Prizes-Rozz Martin, Vendor chair, Janis Nunnally, Past President/ conference chair

2:30–5:30                    Hands-on workshops

5:30-6:00                   Clean up

Be sure to join us for the Awards Banquet on Thursday night to honor the 2018 TAEA Awardees. 



Super Sessions

Friday, Nov. 2 Super Sessions—10:10-11:00 a.m.


“National Art Honor Society:  Creating Community through Creativity and Collaboration”   

Presenters:  Cheri Jorgenson, Flowerree Galetovic McDonough, Caron Vinson, & Phyllis Ball          

From the one who started the first one in TN to a chapter created last year, four National Art Honor Society Advisors compare notes on how to encourage student leadership and community through their diverse school chapters.  Topics will address how NAHS can foster student leaders & activists for art enrichment and creative collaboration in their school and community.  Q & A session will follow the presentations.                    

MS/HS Levels—Leadership/Advocacy/Outreach     Location:  TBA        


“Teaching Student Artists:  Curriculum for Student Choice”                                                

Presenters:  Heather Casteel.& Brooke Milanovich                                                                             

Student choice is at the heart of our new Tennessee State Standards.  Knox County Schoools decided to build a curriculum that supported student decision-making while providing a framework for teaching to prevent all-out chaos in the classroom.  The results?  Engaged student artists!  This presentation will share KCS’s curriculum framework with participants, including examples of our mini-modules.  Mini-modules are structured instruction that allows students to explore materials, generate ideas, and communicate meaning all around a theme and media.       

All Levels—TN Standards/Teaching     Location:  TBA


“Maybe Something Beautiful:  How the Arts Rallied a Community, Raised Awareness, and Helped Us Win a HUGE Grant!”             

Presenter:  Cheryl Burchett. 

This presentation is the story of a small arts magnet school in a low-income area of Knoxville, TN. Similar to the main character in the children’s book “Maybe Something Beautiful” our school began adding colorful murals to our old building, which fostered a sense of community and cooperation that helped rally our community, raise awareness and interest in the school, and win more than one hundred thousand dollars in grant funding.  The importance of visual and performing arts is now visible throughout our building, and especially on our new arts infused playground! Take a virtual tour of Beaumont, learn how we got the grant to build our new arts play space, and consider what in your community may be “something beautiful” waiting to be made visible.                                                          

All Levels—Outreach         Location:  TBA


“Sell Your Program, Advocate, Rebrand:  Do Folks Really Believe What We Say?”              

Presenter:  Jenna Fergus

In this session participants will discuss the most vital contributions of their art program, consider how they communicate about their role in the school and ways to connect with other art teachers to practice thinking and talking about being indispensable.                                                                          

All Levels--Advocacy       Location:  TBA


“Digital Collage & Subvertisements:  Empowering Students to Critique“   

Presenter:  Joy Bertling

This session is designed to introduce participants to subvertisements, their purposes and various forms while providing the opportunity for participants to create their own using digital technologies. Participants will use Pixlr (a free online image editor) to create their message through ironically layering    and altering text and imagery of an existing advertisement.                                                                                        

MS/HS Level—Teaching    Location: TBA


“Let’s Explore Microboards”           

Presenter:  Jayne Hutchins

This presentation is a hands-on exploration of microboards and their uses for building things in the classroom.  Attendees will look at preset features on their boards, explore ideas for customization for classroom needs, and brainstorm approaches to design.  The goal is to increase teacher comfort in focusing and teaching with microboards and coding.  While adaptable to most art classrooms, this is directly relevant to middle school.  This session is focused on participants with very limited experience in using technology and programming, but all are welcome.                            

MS/HS—Teaching    Location:  TBA


“Keep Early Finishers Engaged:  Pacing Strategies for the Secondary Art Classroom”                      

Presenter:  Caitlin Seidler       

The purpose of this presentation is to share strategies for keeping secondary art students engaged in the visual art curriculum and standards throughout the designated time for independent work after students finish the “main” assignment.  Teachers will leave this presentation with several ideas for how to occupy “early finishers” with other meaningful assignments or tasks that support their curriculum, give students opportunities for choice and self-directed learning, and enable students to participate in the classroom and school community.             

HS Level—Teaching     Location:  TBA


Friday, Nov. 2 Super Sessions—11:05-11:55 a.m.


“Celebrating Art & Community through National Art Honor Society (NAHS)!”                

Presenters:  Beth Affolter & Andrea Howard.                                             

The presenters will share their NAHS experiences with other educators in hopes of helping more schools create a middle or high school program, ultimately making Tennessee the largest group of NAHS active chapters, and they will provide a group project and community service ideas for those already with a program.  This session will also address ideas and plans to educate and approach administrators, how to propose, plan, and execute a mural, how to fundraise and how to mentor and recruit younger artists.  In addition, participants will create a small piece of art together as an example of how the NAHS group would work with the community.  This artwork will be donated to the TAEA conference for a giveaway at the end of the conference!

MS/HS Levels—Leadership/Advocacy/Outreach       Location:  TBA


“A Crash Course on the New Standards:  Have Your A-Ha Moment!” 

Presenter:  Amanda Tutor. 

Attendees will break out their sketchbook and doodle their way to a more successful understanding of the structure of the new standards, as well as developing a curriculum for them!  This session is a compilation of the most effective components of the standards training offered by the Tennessee Department of Education Summer 2018, combined with personal experiences in curriculum development.

All Levels—TN Standards/Teaching   Location:  TBA


“Art Heals:  Spreading Love After a Tragedy Within a Community”                                    

Presenters:  Rachel Motta & Magdalena Koudelka.                                                                                           

In light of the recent mass shooting tragedies, the presenters will share their experience with a mass shooting right down the street from their school.  Students, families, and teachers were affected by this senseless act of violence.  To help combat feelings of fear and helplessness the presenters created lessons that focused on the art of four contemporary artists, James Goldcrown, Jim Dine, Romero Britto, and Peter Max, who all used the universal symbol of love—hearts, as the central motif in several of their artworks.    

All levels—Outreach/Teaching     Location:  TBA


“Family Art Night:  Bringing Everyone Together”          

Presenter:  Tristy Berryhill

There is no better way to celebrate community through art than a Family Art Night!  This presentation will give ideas for projects, planning, and purpose for Family Art Night as an advocate for your program, school and community.                                                               

All Levels--Outreach      Location:  TBA


“Developing Legendary Characters through Sculpture, Storytelling and History”                              

Presenter: Tina Atkinson

The purpose of this presentation is to offer a behind the scenes view of how to plan and adapt an epic unit using the enduring theme of Storytelling.  Each lesson in the unit will explore an epic journey into Greek Myths where students draw, sculpt, paint, embellish and compose.  Participants will be introduced to each lesson in the unit with explanations of how the instructor manages time, student work, materials, planning, assessment, and reflection, including how to collaborate with grade level educators and implement the culminating field trip to the Parthenon in Nashville.  The Stewart/Walker template for teaching with enduring themes will be used.  The presentation will be made available to participants to use. 

Elem but adaptable for all levels--Teaching      Location: TBA


“Art Lessons with Creative Problem Solving”      

Presenter:  Jennifer Lamb

In this session the presenter will share lesson plan examples that encourage creative problem-solving.  Handouts will include lesson plans, examples and participants will engage in some of the activities.  Examples of lessons include: “Sketch Box Challenge” (Drawing) where students learn how to    research, look for symbolism and deeper meaning embodied in the drawing assignments. “Insignificant” (Photography) uses smart phones to explore how to make the insignificant significant in their work. “Art Room Challenge” (Drawing) develops observational skills and “Goofy Goggles & Photo Shoot” (3-D and Photography) combines solving problems in 3-D and 2-D media.    

MS/HS Level—Teaching     Location: TBA


“Thematic Approaches to Art Appreciation”        

Presenter:  Jennifer Snyder                                                               

Teaching an art appreciation course can be a challenge to a teacher with little experience with large groups of non-majors.  Using a combination of theme-based lectures and hands-on experimentation has proven to be a successful combination.  The approach explained in this session can             work regardless of group size and engenders discussion through a multicultural approach to art that introduces themes such as war, social conscience and gender.  A thematic approach appeals to students of all backgrounds and encourages students to contribute their opinions to discussions. 

HS/Higher Ed. LevelsTeaching      Location:  TBA


Friday, Nov. 2 Super Sessions—1:25-2:15 p.m.


“The Power of the School for Art Leaders”                                                                               

Presenters:  Kathy Dumlao, Rose Doherty, Janis Nunnally, & Amanda Tutor                                           

Do you want to become a more effective leader in your school, district, or state?  If so, join four TAEA members to hear about the transformational experiences they had as participants in the NAEA School for Art Leaders (SAL). Two generations of SAL participants will share the impact that this unique leadership program has had on their personal and professional lives and the extended benefits to their students and colleagues.  If you’ve had an interest in the School for Art Leaders program, don’t miss this chance to hear more about it.  Panelists will share information about the course experiences, requirements for completion, and how this experience has changed their leadership, teaching, mentoring, and more.  Become a part of SAL and discover YOU—an agent of change today!                                     

All Levels—Leadership/Advocacy/Teaching                 Location:   TBA


“How Might the TN Arts Standards be a Framework for Building Spaces to Cultivate Creativity”   

Presenters:  Amanda Galbraith & Dru Davison.                                                                                     

This interactive session will explore how the TN Arts Standards can serve as a framework to inspire teachers to leverage their roles to influence creativity in the education ecosystem. Participants will leave with ideas around the following topics: creating opportunities for student creativity, presenting professional work to a broader audience, responding to student needs through the intentional design of physical and social spaces, and making connections between school and community.                            

All Levels—TN Standards/Teaching              Location: TBA


 “Out with the Old, In with the New Standards! (Revamping a Matisse Collage Lesson)”    

Presenters:  Angie McCarter & Stephanie Beiting                                                                        

Teachers will review a familiar lesson about creating a Matisse collage, and work together to determine which elements do not support the conceptual shift found in the new state standards.  Then participants will take part in a hands-on, modified version of the same lesson, utilizing at least one standard from each of the four domains found in the new standards.  This session offers help for teachers who may have practical concerns about using the new standards and will include suggestions for classroom organization and assessment.  Teachers will gain valuable knowledge about planning their curriculum, while being given the opportunity to create a collage of their own.                                      

All Levels--Teaching       Location: TBA


“One Tomatillo at a Time:  Creating Meaningful, Community-Based Art-Making Experiences” 

Presenter:  Moon Bishop                                                                                                                        

As Art Educators, we are always searching for engaging opportunities for students to gain skills and experiences in meaningful and interesting ways.  In this presentation, participants will learn strategies for teaming up with local merchants and other community partners in ways that prove surprisingly simple but powerful.  In addition to sharing images and stories from multiple past projects, the presenter will share her step-by-step approach to choosing and securing an appropriate community partner, designing a site-specific art-making experience, adapting a project for students of any age and skill level, and involving families and the community at large.                                                                          

All Levels—Teaching/Outreach       Location: TBA


“Graphic Design in the Elementary School”         

Presenter:  Autumn Roe                                                         

With many schools giving all students electronic devices why not encourage students to create works of art on those devices as well?  The purpose of this presentation is to give elementary teachers tools that they may need to help them begin an elementary school graphic design program.  Attendees will see examples of works elementary students have created within the presenter’s classroom as she demonstrates a program called vectr.com that she uses.  Attendees will be provided an “assignment” to create a work that is thought-provoking, and solves a problem. 

Elem Level—Teaching                     Location: TBA


“How to Impact Students’ Behavior in Alternative School Through Art”                                                        

Presenters:  Ednita Prentiss & Stephanie Chalmers                                                                                                            

This presentation will show how students’ behavior can be changed from negative to positive through art. It will demonstrate how important it is to have a visual arts outlet in an alternative school setting.  During this presentation participants will be shown examples of different art projects that   students are interested in and that they will work from start to finish on with passion.  There will be examples of grid-drawing, one point perspective with a twist and a few more.  There will be take away handouts and a hands-on project.   

MS/HS Levels—Teaching            Location: TBA


“Just Do It!:  Applying Performance Art in Secondary Visual Arts Classrooms”                                           

Presenter:  Jeremy Blair                                                                                                                                                           

This session will share innovative approaches on how to teach and apply Performance Art in secondary art classrooms.  Participants will review iconic performances from art history and will explore performances by contemporary artists.  Session-goers will participate in brief exercises and will design  elements of performance for their curriculums and classrooms.  The principal aims of this session are to build community through performance art, develop new classroom strategies, and to experiment with the scripted and unscripted, spontaneous, wildly participatory nature of performance.    

HS Level--Teaching           Location: TBA


The Tennessee Arts Commission is a proud sponsor of the Tennessee Art Education Association Fall Conference

The Tennessee Arts Commission is a proud sponsor of the Tennessee Art Education Association Fall Conference