Hotel and Meal Accommodations


Arrowmont Housing and Meal Accommodations

For housing and meal accommodations, please call Arrowmont Registrar, Cynthia Bellacome at 865.436.5860

Pricing for Arrowmont Housing varies depending on the type of room and location. All housing is $75 or less. 

Beds - Arrowmont 2012.jpg

Meals at Arrowmont costs $67, which includes all meals during the conference. However, participants may work with Arrowmont about specific costs per meal if you do not need all meals. For example, if you are only planning to attend a portion of the conference.


Edgewater Hotel

402 River Road

Gatlinburg, TN

**Guests can call direct at 865.436.4151 and ask for the TN Art Education Association block to receive the discounted room rate of $118.00 per room per night (price does not reflect taxes or other fees).