Slab Vessels

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Slab Vessels

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Instructor: Frank Martin, Associate Professor of Art

Room: AA127

Limit 12 students

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Frank Martin, Associate Professor of Art,


This workshop class will focus on Soft Clay Slab construction techniques for making pottery in the studio and classroom. This class will survey a number of techniques using canvas, paper templates, and rolling pins to make slab constructed pottery vessels. The class will work without the need for a potter’s wheel or the use of cardboard tubes and newspaper armatures. During this workshop, students will design individual templates to be used to form a vase, a bowl and lidded containers.  The resulting projects from this workshop will still be wet by the end of the class and will require each student to carefully pack the workshop project for transport to the student’s home, or their school to be bisque and glaze fired. This class will be using a Cone 10 Stoneware clay body that is versatile in temperature, but can also fire at low Stoneware and Earthenware temperatures.   Students should come dressed in comfortable studio attire and expect to get a little clay on their clothing. Bring 1 Basic Pottery Kit that Includes: Synthetic Foam Sponge, Wood Rib, Needle Tool, Loop Tool, Ribbon Tool, Wood Tool, Flexible Steel Rib & Wire Clay Cutter.  Basic Pottery Kits can be purchased at the following Knoxville locations: UT Art & Architecture Supply Store, Jerry’s Artarama and Mighty Mud.  Also bring packing Material: Cardboard or Plastic Tote to transport the wet unfired project to their home studio or school to be fired. (Limit 12 Students)

Optional Supplies:

  1. Serrated Flexible Metal Rib (Stainless Steel)

  2. Fettling Knife (Hard Blade) 

  3. Work Apron (Vinyl or Cotton)

  4. Small Hand Towel – (Inexpensive or Used)