Polyester Plate Lithography

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Polyester Plate Lithography

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Instructor: Beauvais Lyons

Room: AA241

Limit 12 Students

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Beauvais Lyons, blyons@utk.edu  



This course introduces polyester plate lithography.  Like traditional lithography from a stone or aluminum plate, polyester plate lithography is based on the principles of the antipathy of oil-based ink and water to print an image from a planographic surface. With this project, students will use a black sharpie marker to draw their image in two colors, on two separate plates, and then learn how to print the images on 11 x 15 inch cotton rag papers.  Students should prepare a preliminary line drawing or collage (in reverse) scaled to 8.5 x 11 inches (horizontal or vertical). 

Bring preliminary drawing to scale, apron, and latex gloves.

(Limit 12 students)