SATURDAY 1-Day Day of the Dead Workshop with Nancy Walkup

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SATURDAY 1-Day Day of the Dead Workshop with Nancy Walkup

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Day of Dead project

Instructor: Nancy Walkup

Celebrating Los Dias de los Muertos, the Mexican Days of the Dead 

SATURDAY - One-Day Workshop

12 Maximum participants

Los Dias de los Muertos, the Mexican Days of the Dead, is the most important celebration of the year in Mexico. Celebrated on November 1, All Saints' Day, and November 2, All Souls' Day, the occasion is a joyful time of remembrance, family reunion, and feasting, as relatives and friends gather together to honor their loved ones who have died. Mexican families save all year to buy the flowers, candles, incense, and special foods needed for the festivities to properly honor their dearly departed. Pan de los Muertos (bread of the dead), candies, and toys are made in the shapes of calavera (skulls and skeletons). Fanciful calavera toys and papier-mâché skeleton figures depict specific professions, musicians, brides and grooms, bicycle riders, and other subjects from everyday life. For the studio portion of this presentation, we’ll explore elementary and middle school lessons including paper masks, pop-up cards, and more.

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Workshop Artist: Nancy Walkup

Since 2005, Nancy Walkup has been the editor of SchoolArts, a magazine for art educators published since 1901, and a contributing author, along with Marilyn Stewart, Eldon Katter, and Laura Chapman, for the first edition of Explorations in Art, Davis Publications’ elementary textbook series. She is also co-author of Bridging the Curriculum through Art, with Pam Stephens, and an author of a number of Take 5 Study Prints for Crystal Productions and publications for CRIZMAC Art and Cultural Materials.

Nancy's over thirty-year teaching experience covers all grade levels from kindergarten through university. Highlights of her career include serving as project coordinator and director for the North Texas Institute for Educators on the Visual Arts (NTIEVA), a national art education initiative funded in part by the Getty Institute and the Annenberg Foundation.

Nancy has won numerous art education awards from the art education associations of Texas and Louisiana, as well as the National Art Education Association. She was named NAEA Western Region Art Educator of the Year, 2015; and Elementary Art Educator of the Year, TAEA, 2010. She also was elected and served as the NAEA Elementary Director, 2013-2015. Most recently, Nancy was inducted as an NAEA Fellow at the NAEA 2017 Convention in New York City.

Nancy presents regularly at NAEA and at other state art education conferences (Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Wyoming), and similar venues and serves as an art education consultant for school districts and publishers. In recent times, Nancy served as faculty for the 2016 Tennessee Arts Academy in Nashville, Tennessee. Special areas of interest include issues of social justice and diversity, advocacy, interdisciplinary connections, design thinking, and STEAM.

Nancy and longtime friend and colleague Stevie Mack share a passion for encouraging an understanding and respect for cultural diversity, especially through folk art. Nancy has collaborated with Stevie on instructional units for CRIZMAC Art and Cultural Materials, and in leading culturally themed experiential summer art seminars in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Oaxaca, Mexico.