2017 Tennessee Art Education Association 

Professional Development State Conference


October 26 - 28, 2017

Memphis College of Art 

Registration includes ALL of the following:

• Thursday night Awards Banquet ($25 additional cost)

• Reception/Party at MCA Friday night
• Featured “Amurica Trailer” Photobooth
• Vendor provided Demos and Workshops
• Breakfast and Lunch on Friday and Saturday
• Super Session Presentations
• Hands-on Workshops by World-class Presenters
• Keynote Speaker
• Artisans Market
• Access to Vendors
• Most Studio Supplies
• Swag Bags! 


• Early registration: $225 

• Late registration: $250


• Early registration: $310*

• Late registration: $335

Student or Retired Member:

• Early registration: $175

• Late registration: $200

NO on-site registration

*The non-member price includes the price of a TAEA Membership ($85)....  So why not join NAEA/TAEA today and enjoy the many other benefits? Check out what you'll receive at Join YOUR Community!  Then come back and register with your new member ID number!

If you have questions about the conference, contact Donna Anderson, artzychick@yahoo.com

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Last day for early registration Thursday, October 5 and last day for refunds October 2nd! There will be a $50 non-refundable charge on all refunds. 

Choose one (1) of the following workshops. All workshops are two-days.

When you select the correct membership under your workshop choice, it adds the registration price to the cart. There is no additional charge for workshops. 

To attend the Awards Banquet, you must add it to your cart as well. 


Price increase reflects the Late registration fee after October 5th. 

Awards Banquet - Fall Conference 2017

Opening Night Awards Banquet is Thursday Night at 7:00pm and costs $25

The evening will be hosted in the lower atrium of the Fogelman Executive Conference Center and Hotel.

330 Innovation Drive, Suite 206

Memphis, TN 38152


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2-Day Workshop: Inner Workings of Monotype - Fall Conference 2017
from 200.00

Presenter: Koichi Yamamoto
This two-day workshop will cover the basics of monotype and its transfer processes. We will learn about ink and the grease content as well as modification and treatment of the oil base ink. On day one we will be focusing on treatment of paper and transparency and on the second day, we will be working with high contrast and opaque color printing. All materials will be supplied.

Maximum number of participants: 15

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2-Day Workshop: Fiber Art Workshop - Fall Conference 2017
from 200.00

Title: Fibers for the Classroom Presenter: Grace Eckert

Description: Participants will each make a simple loom (to keep) and learn to weave on it. Looms may be long for a scarf, or rectangular for a bag. Fiber project ideas suitable for classrooms and suggestions for tying fibers in with many enduring ideas will be discussed. Instruction sheets and help will also be available for finger knitting, Kumihimo braiding, rope twisting, paper basket making and many other fiber techniques that only require inexpensive and easily available materials.

Materials: Participants should each bring at least two balls of yarn. One choice should be a relatively strong yarn that is not too hairy (for warp.) The other (for weft) can be any type at all, or even a medley of various yarns. Please bring extra odds and ends of yarn to trade and share with everyone. Grace will provide loom-making necessities.


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2-Day Workshop: Steampunk Bugs and Other Oddities - Fall Conference 2017
from 200.00

Presenter: Melody Weintraub

Description: In this Steampunk Workshop, participants will make bugs and other assemblages using metal gears, coils, clock parts, keys, trinkets, gems, hardware and junk drawer finds in Steampunk/Neo-Victorian Style. Steampunk lessons are highly engaging to students and flow easily across the curriculum while enhancing design-thinking and problem-solving strategies.


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2-Day Workshop: Painting with Oil Sticks- Fall Conference 2017
from 200.00

Presenter: Paul deMarrais
Description: This workshop will get you started in a brand new kind of painting experience. Five years ago, I began learning how to make oil sticks and have created my own user-friendly brand. Oil sticks are oil paint in a stick form made of walnut oil, natural waxes and dry pigments. It's a great way to paint. You won't need smelly solvents and the mountain of gear associated with traditional brush painting. I will show you how to do both a traditional painting and also techniques that lend themselves to more experimental approaches. In the classroom, I believe oil sticks are an excellent way to introduce students to color theory, color mixing and many other key concepts of painting. We all share a common 'crayon' experience from our childhood and these sticks are the ultimate crayon experience but with rich color, creamy handling and the exciting possibilities of oil painting. I'll demonstrate and show how to create textures and effects with an inexpensive embossing heat gun. I will supply each artist teacher with a starter kit of oil stick colors and with ample supply of boards on hand. Come join me and you will be amazed at what you can create with these oil sticks! You’ll find more information at www.pauldemarrais.com . 

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2-Day Workshop: Introduction to Painting - Fall Conference 2017
from 200.00

Introduction to Painting with Mediums from Winsor & Newton, Golden Acrylics and Caran d’ache

Presenter: Scott Manning (Jerry’s Artarama Knoxville + Winsor & Newton Working Artist)

Description: Participants will explore Color and Mediums from the three major types of Paints - Oils, Acrylics and Watercolors. See how Mediums can open up the world of color from the major Paint Manufacturers of Winsor Newton Oils and Watercolors; Liquitex Acrylics and Golden Acrylics. Participants will try all major mediums and paints from Winsor & Newton and Golden Acrylics A-Z sets. Also an introduction to Caran d’ Ache Drawing and Water soluble product portfolio.

Materials: Participants should bring:

  • Drawing Pencils,

  • Brushes for Acrylics, Oils and Watercolors;
    Journal Samples from manufacturers will be provided for use in classroom and take home. 

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2-Day Workshop: A Taste of Blacksmithing - Fall Conference 2017
from 200.00

Presenter: Bill Price

Description: An introduction to the fundamental techniques and tooling for forging, joining, and finishing steel into utilitarian forms such as hardware, cutlery, furniture, utensils, and architectural objects. 

WARNING: This will be a strenuous and very HOT workshop. This type of class can be physically demanding and the participants will be working in a hot environment. Even with the ventilation we have, there is still ambient heat from the forges. 

Safety Equipment Required:

  • personal safety glasses - I recommend a decent pair that fit comfortably, as you will be required to wear them the entire time while working in the studio. 
  • a pair of good-fitting leather gloves - The need not be heavy welding gloves; garden style leather gloves will suffice. 
  • wear a full-leather shoe - no need for heavy boots. Leather tennis shoes or hiking boots will work just fine. 

We have earplugs available and all tools and metal will be supplied. 


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2-Day Workshop: Sketchbooks - Fall Conference 2017
from 200.00

Presenter: Joseph B. Christy

Sketchbooks - Creating Better Studio Practice

The Sketchbook Workshop focuses on creating better daily studio practices. Looking at a variety of artists and how they work, workshop participants will play with media exploration and philosophies of making, using a sketchbook as the basis for this style of playful research and discovery. Sketchbooks are where brainstorms sprout masterpieces. Many styles of working will be explored in this energetic workshop.


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2-Day Workshop: The Details of 3D Printing - Fall Conference 2017
from 200.00

Presenter: Cat Normoyle

Description: This workshop will supply all the details involved in bringing 3D printing into your classroom. Cut through the confusion. How exciting, to make a 3D object from a digital design. Learn the basics so that you can prepare your students for this experience. Participants will print 3D items for take home. All materials will be supplied.


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2-Day Workshop: Stiff Paper, Soft Slabs - Fall Conference 2017
from 200.00

Stiff Paper - Soft Slabs: From SPED to over my head - Differentiation and Choice with Clay

Presenter: Wendie Love

Description: This workshop will offer soft slab techniques that are valuable to all levels of students. Adding breadth and depth to any level of clay studio practice the tools and techniques demonstrated in this workshop will allow participants to explore differentiation in the context of clay. Using roofing paper templates to create soft slab forms; students will have the opportunity to explore, design, and construct a wide range of forms. The work may be sculptural, functional, or decorative. The skills will apply to the classroom and/or personal practice. Sam Chung and Bill Griffith are two artists who embrace these techniques. Their work will be used as a point of reference.

Participants should bring: a variety of clay tools, scissors, sketchbook and boxes for transport.



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